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Uniqueka Davis-McKinney on How to Prune Your Plants Without Hurting Them

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney has a good rule of thumb for flowering species- prune them right after they finished flowering. If you prune them before they bloom you will be removing unopened buds that would have turned into flowers. Here are the tools you will need to prune your plants.

  • Pruning shears
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Gardening gloves

Its best to observe the plant, check for drying foliage, diseased plants, fuller on one side vs the other, things like that. Determine the tools you will need to use. If the branches are thicker then use the shears, if they are slender then you can use the kitchen scissors. Remove the dead pieces, clip, or pinch off the dead leave or stems. If the stems have rotten at the root, you can pull those out too. Deadhead the plant, if you are working with a house plant that flowers, remove all the spent flowers by pinching or clipping them off as close to the stem as possible.

Deadheading is a type of pruning that involves removing any dead flowers. Keeping your pruning clean is important as diseases can form if the cut is not disinfected. Most houseplant cutting can be saved if you put the root in a cup of water and then planted to form a new houseplant. Succulent clipping can be put into a pot of soil to keep it moist, after a few weeks a new plant should form.

Pruning houseplants that have vines is like the other plants, but it takes more time to make sure that the clippings are done correctly. Indoor vines are encouraged to grow along the stems. In the spring or summer pruning might be more with these type of houseplants as they require more upkeep. When they are healthy, they are rapid growers.

There are a few other plants that should not be pruned. Palms and Norfolk Island Pines both form a terminal dominate bud but do not possess latent buds. If you remove the dormant bud, it will kill the plant, so best to leave it alone. Orchids cannot be pruned removing dead flower ends. I am no professional, just experienced in the plant and flower world. I have such a great passion for growing beautiful species both indoor and outdoor and enjoy sharing my knowledge in hopes that it will help you prune your plants without harming them. As always good luck and happy pruning!

By Uniqueka Davis-McKinney

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